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Mary Harrsch
Director of Network and Information Systems
College of Education, University of Oregon

As a network and information systems administrator, Mary Harrsch has designed a number of decision support systems for the University of Oregon College of Education; these include a graduate records information system, a faculty activity reporting system, and a multi-year research budget projection system. She has also developed systems to analyze the behaviors of family members engaged in restraint petitions in family court and to evaluate the effectiveness of reading curriculum products produced for grades K-3. For the American English Institute, Harrsch designed a database to manage international student enrollments and track host family experiences. She teaches workshops for FileMaker Pro users and developers.

Harrsch has presented at the National Conference for Computers on Campus and has served on a number of technology advisory committees for both the University and the Oregon State System of Higher Education. She has also served as a mentor for Lane Community College's ACCESS program, which provides outreach activities to women entering nontraditional professional careers.

As a software consultant, Harrsch has developed survey software used to analyze the educational environments of K-12 schools, project management software for a regional public broadcasting company, and a program to analyze the employment experiences of individuals with mental disabilities.

Harrsch's life experiences have been diverse. She has worked as a rancher, as a reporter and editor for a weekly community newspaper, and as a county economic development coordinator. In the latter capacity, she was the only female member of the first alfalfa products trade team to Japan and Korea. Harrsch has also been a freelance writer and photographer for a number of national publications (including Mother Earth News, Oceans Magazine, Farm Journal, American Collector, Vintage, and Rotor and Wing International) and has taught continuing education classes about writing for publication.

Harrsch has a passion for ancient history and developed an artificially intelligent virtual Julius Caesar. She was invited by the city of Rome, Italy, to enter her creation in an international competition for innovative uses of technology in education. Caesar has since been selected for inclusion in the Network, a collection of the Web's best history sites. Harrsch maintains five news feeds on the Ancient Roman World and is presently engaged in compiling a database of images of the ancient world for students and history educators.

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