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Lucio Teles
Associate Member, Continuing Studies
Simon Fraser University
Lucio Teles holds a PhD in computer applications in education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, 1985. He completed his undergraduate degree at the J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany; his masters degree is from the University of Geneva. As principal investigator of TeleLearning Research Network and associate member of Simon Fraser University, he conducts research on effective online classroom learning and the role of the instructor in online collaborative environments. He is co-author of Learning Networks: A Guide for Teaching and Learning Online (MIT Press). His forthcoming book is entitled The Online Classroom: Design, Delivery and Evaluation (Swets Publishing, the Netherlands). He has published many research articles, presented in conferences, and conducted training workshops for instructors to design and to teach online courses. His current research focus is on optimal designs for just-in-time training and tools to support online teaching and training. Teles is also president of TELEStraining Inc., a company that develops innovative and effective approaches to e-learning ( best pc gamesmanagement gamespuzzle gamesmahjongbrick busterdownloadable pc gameskids gamessimulation games
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  • The Use of Web Instructional Tools By Online Instructors
    // Commentary, May/June 2002