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WWWdevShare and WWWdev: Internet Teaching and Learning Resources from Indiana University and the University of New Brunswick
by Terry Calhoun
Note: This article was originally published in The Technology Source (http://ts.mivu.org/) as: Terry Calhoun "WWWdevShare and WWWdev: Internet Teaching and Learning Resources from Indiana University and the University of New Brunswick" The Technology Source, July/August 1999. Available online at http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=article&id=1034. The article is reprinted here with permission of the publisher.

This issue we turn the spotlight on an amalgam of Internet teaching and learning resources that originate from two sources: Indiana University in the U.S. and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredericton, Canada. Indiana offers educators WebdevShare, the WebdevShare annual conference, and a number of e-mail lists dedicated to the discussion of Web-enabling higher education administration. In turn, UNB provides the World Wide Web Courseware Developer's Listserv (WWWDEV) and its related annual conference, NAWeb.

Both WWWdevShare and WWWDEV use the relatively "primitive" technology of e-mail to maintain regular communication and share information with interested educators. Their contributions to technology-enhanced learning and teaching are, however, nothing short of impressive.

Web-Enabling Higher Education Administration: WebdevShare

WebdevShare (http://webdev.indiana.edu) provides a "forum for sharing information and techniques on topics in Web-enabling higher education administration." The Web site features not one, but seven mailing lists with subjects ranging from general discussion to security issues. Through a simple online process, visitors can subscribe to any or all of these lists, which are well-run and professional in tone.

Image 1Organizers claim that WebdevShare sponsors the "premiere conference for managers and professionals in higher education focusing on development and delivery of effective Web-based administrative systems." The first conference was held in October 1996. Beginning with the 1997 event, the materials from each conference are available online; these include the proceedings and program as well as a list of professional workshops and special events. Some of the proceedings entries include valuable links to presenter bios, slide presentations, and handouts. WebdevShare99, entitled "New Horizons," will take place September 26-30 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Higher Education Courseware Development: WWWDEV

The World Wide Web Courseware Developers Listserv (WWWDEV, http://www.unb.ca/wwwdev/) has been around since March 30, 1995; that's more than one-third of a century in Web years. There is no better online community of Web learning experts willing to share their knowledge.

The listserv currently boasts approximately 1,400 subscribers (to join, access these instructions). It is not a very busy list, but it is the most valuable kind: experts routinely contribute commentary, and the signal-to-noise-ratio is quite high (i.e., a good percentage of the discussion is both pertinent and useful). It has been fully archived on the Web since February 1998; if you use your browser to search the nearly 3,000 archived messages' subject fields, you will find pre-existing discussion threads on a vast array of topics. Note that the entries are listed oldest-to-newest, with the oldest at the top of the page.

Image 2WWWDEV also sponsors an annual face-to-face conference in New Brunswick (Fredericton, NB, Canada). NAWeb is attended by professionals from all over the world who are in the front lines of developing innovative courseware. Much of their knowledge is available through the WWWDEV frontpage, which links to materials from each of the past four conferences and provides information about the 1999 conference, "What Works & Why." One pertinent presentation from 1998 is an analysis of WWWDEV, entitled "What Do Web-Based Courseware Developers Discuss? A Qualitative Analysis of the WWWdev Listserv." The authors are Rik Hall, Program Director of Distance Education and Off-Campus Services at UNB, and Allan Ellis, the Director of Postgraduate Studies and Research at Southern Cross University.

NAWeb 99 will take place October 2-5 at the University of New Brunswick.

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