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Tom Henderson
Assessment Coordinator, Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology
Washington State University

Tom Henderson is the assessment coordinator for the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology at Washington State University. His work interests include formative assessment techniques, efficiency of new educational technologies, and the study of how the processes of designing, developing, delivering, and assessing online courses interact with the effectiveness of the course's teaching and learning.

He has helped develop a process called Goals, Activities and Practices which consists of a series of three short surveys used to provide formative assessment to instructors and encourage metacognition among students. Henderson is also in the process of developing and encouraging the use of online classroom assessment techniques at Washington State University.

Henderson has field-tested several cost models that apply activity-based costing techniques to analyze the costs of new technologies in education. He has worked with the Flashlight Program of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology affiliate of the American Association for Higher Education field-testing the Flashlight cost model. He is a key member of a team at Washington State University that is using the Technology Costing Methodology (developed by the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications with the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems) to estimate the costs of courses delivered via asynchronous learning networks. Henderson is currently participating in a field test of the Bridge/TCM cost model being developed by Frank Jewett with the Western Cooperative of Higher Education.

Henderson has a BS in accounting from the University of Idaho, an MBA in finance from the University of Washington and a PhD in interdisciplinary studies from Washington State University. puzzle gamesmahjongword gamestime management gamessimulation games

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