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Tom Abeles
Sagacity, Inc.

Tom Abeles is president of Sagacity, Inc., a consulting firm which he founded in 1976 after resigning tenure at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. While at UWGB he taught inter and cross disciplinary courses ranging from renewable resources and the environment to creative problem solving, science and humanism, and futures studies.

Abeles has consulted internationally to public and private sector clients in environmental policy, biomass energy, and the use of computer mediated communication for tertiary and secondary education, as well as strategic planning for public and private sector clients.

Sagacity's clients have ranged from small farmers to major multinationals. The services to the private sector have ranged from new idea and product creation to the development of business and management plans and capital formation. In the public sector, his services have ranged from economic development, technology assessments, policy and legislative development, and implementation and program development.

Trained as a chemist, Abeles also has graduate training in the arenas of anthropology, archaeology, and social psychology. In addition to his efforts at UWGB, he has served as adjunct faculty in the area of marketing in a graduate school of business and management and is currently developing a virtual campus for the graduate school at Hamline University.

The Center @ Hamline is a free-standing virtual conference space which serves all clients, not just the University. Its support staff plans and helps manage events and provides needed infrastructure from conferences to simple classes. It has a variety of leading edge tools such as Web deliverable geographical information systems and 3D virtual worlds.

A recognized expert in the area of futures studies in general and the future of tertiary education, Abeles is a member of the Global Alliance for Transnational Education (GATE), an emerging international organization for coordinating the quality of tertiary education globally. He is on the editorial boards of The Journal of World Peace, The Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, and On the Horizon. He also reviews and contributes articles for numerous online and print professional journals.

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