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Thomas A. Marino
Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Temple University School of Medicine

Tom Marino has been teaching medical students, and other students in the health science professions, since 1978 when he was an assistant professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center. From there he went to Temple University School of Medicine where he has taught gross anatomy, histology, embryology, neuroanatomy, developmental biology and cell biology to medical, dental and graduate students. Heavily involved in laboratory research earlier in his career, he studied the development of the heart. Of particular interest was the question of cell proliferation in the heart.

In the early nineties, Marino was the President of the Temple University Faculty Senate and then became the Director of the University Honors Program. During this time he became fascinated with using technology to help students learn. In particular, he taught a course in Intellectual Heritage at Temple and implemented the use of a class listserv to supplement class discussions. In his embryology course, he designed multimedia based lectures that helped students understand the three dimensional movements that occur during development. He also co-authored a CD called The Histology Laboratory Assistant that is currently used to help medical and dental students learn histology. However, more recently he has been exploring how technology can be used as a lever to change the way we teach so that we can teach in a safe, authentic and active way that puts students at the center of learning.

Since 1994, Marino has been a member of Temple's Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable. Starting in 1997 he has been actively working with the TLT Group and has been especially involved with the development of the group's Visions Workshops. He has spoken on the topic of "Technology and the Humanistic Classroom" and "Our Students' Anger, Our Students' Fear" at TLT Summer Institutes and written on "A Vision of a Safe Science Classroom" for Horizon's The Technology Source. He is very interested in developing new classroom methodologies or infusing technology into old methods to help students learn in a safe and loving environment that is conducive to collaborative lifelong learning. His book Classrooms With Fear is published by New Forums Press and describes his journey through his teaching career. Marino received his BA from Brown University in 1974 and his PhD in anatomy from Temple University in 1978. He is currently a full professor of anatomy and cell biology at Temple.

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