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Steven L. Blumsack
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Florida State University

Steven Blumsack has published articles in diverse areas such as large scale flows of the Martian atmosphere, length scales in atmospheric and oceanic models, the formation of sediment waveforms at the bottom of the ocean, and the use of technology in the mathematics curriculum. He has served as a consulant for school districts in Florida and directed graduate programs at Florida State University.

Currently he is the examination coordinator for the Sunshine State Scholars Competition and site coordinator for the Florida Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation. He has developed a variety of courses and workshops for prospective teachers, gifted high school students, and practicing teachers; key aspects include a problem-centered environment, discussions of models appropriate to the audience, and the use of dynamic geometry and electronic spreadsheets to develop conjectures and solve problems.

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  • Preparing Teachers To Use Learning Objects
    // Faculty and Staff Development, November/December 2002