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Roni Linser
Professor of Political Science
University of Melbourne

Roni Linser arrived in Australia in 1976 and completed a combined honors degree in political science and Indian studies. Since 1980 he has been teaching in the Political Science Department at the University of Melbourne, lecturing and tutoring courses in Western European politics, political sociology, American foreign policy, Middle East politics and history, theories of power, and world politics in transition. He has published and presented conference papers on Middle East politics, on the effects of new communication media on democratic politics, and on pedagogy in political science.

During 1992-94 he worked with Andrew Vincent and John Sheppard at the University of Melbourne on developing Middle East politics simulations via e-mail. From 1995 until the present, Linser has been developing Web-based simulations for political science subjects, including Middle East politics, world politics in transition, Australian foreign policy, public sector management, politics in the Asia Pacific region, and Islamic political activism. In 1999 he has also developed a number of simulations for the Australian Defence Force Academy.

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  • Evaluation of a Role-Play Simulation in Political Science
    // Assessment, January/February 2001