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Robert Wright
IT Manager, Administrative Computing Services
University at Buffalo

Robert Wright is an IT manager for administrative computing services at the University at Buffalo. His recent focus has been in the area of Web-based student services. In 1997-1998, Wright spearheaded UB's SOAR project (Student Online Access to Records), which gave students Web-based access to their academic information and Web registration. The project won the distinguished Service Excellence Award. He is currently the project manager of the MyUB project, a personalized Web portal for students at the University at Buffalo.

Wright has over 15 years of experience in the area of application development and database design, and has held adjunct teaching positions at the University at Buffalo. Wright is also a co-founder of HipKnowSys Design, Inc., a Buffalo-based company specializing in Web design, consulting, and training.

Wright holds a BS in information systems management from Buffalo State, and an MBA from the University at Buffalo.

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  • MyUB: The University at Buffalo's Personalized Service Portal
    // Case Studies, November/December 2002