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Phillip Long
Senior Strategist for the Academic Computing Practice
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Phillip Long is a senior strategist for the academic computing practice at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He co-directs the Academic Computing Support Team, and provides leadership in applying MIT information system resources to support the integration of technology into the curriculum. Long serves on the I-Campus project team to develop new technologies for teaching in partnership with Microsoft Research; he also serves on the Stellar project to develop an open knowledge framework for reusable object components suitable for on-line instruction and other research and community collaborations.

Long's professional activities include acting as the 2001 Syllabus Conference Board chairperson, and contributing a regular column on technology trends to Syllabus magazine. Long is a senior associate with the TLT Group, responsible for the Student Technology Assistant Program.

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  • Open Knowledge and Open CourseWare Initiatives: An Interview with MIT's Phil Long
    // Commentary, March/April 2002