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Patrick Bjork
Web Master and Professor
Bismarck State College

Patrick Bjork is a former English professor turned Webmaster. He maintains a 3,000+ page Web site for Bismarck State College in Bismarck, North Dakota. Although well-acquainted with computers since the mid-1980's, Bjork's interest soared when he and his 2400 baud modem joined the Internet community in 1991. In the ensuing years, he integrated computers and the Internet into his writing classrooms and, in his spare time, taught himself (and continues to teach himself) Web programming and design. In 1997, Bjork created the first online campus at Bismarck State College by developing both its Web site and delivery platform. His most recent publication is Reading, Writing, and the World Wide Web (Peter Lang, Inc., 1999), a college composition textbook for computer lab and online English courses. Although no longer teaching, Bjork continues to help educators integrate computer technology into the classroom.

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