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Pamela MacBrayne
Senior Consultant
Pamela MacBrayne is a senior consultant for Collegis, where her primary activities involve comprehensive e-learning assessments and strategic planning projects. Prior to joining Collegis, she worked for the University of Maine System for 25 years, focusing on providing access to educational opportunities for rural adults. Among her responsibilities were the development and management of off-campus centers and the planning, implementation, and management of Maine's statewide distance learning program. She also served as dean of students at the University of Maine at Augusta. As executive vice president of the Education Network of Maine, MacBrayne was involved in all aspects of serving distant learners. However, her focus has been on providing student support services through a variety of means, including call centers and online resources. MacBrayne has provided consulting services for a number of institutions and has made numerous presentations at national conferences. brick busterbest pc gamesplatform gameskids gamespc game downloadstime management gamesaction gamesbrain teaser gamesmarble popper games
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  • A Model for Effectively Supporting e-Learning
    // Commentary, March/April 2003