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Mary Beth Susman
Vice President, Education Services
Community Colleges of Colorado

Dr. Mary Beth Susman is a vice president of the Community Colleges of Colorado and the executive director of Colorado Community Colleges Online, a virtual community college she founded in 1997. Before returning to her home state of Colorado in 2001, she was the founding chief executive officer of the Kentucky Virtual University, an institution formed by the Kentucky legislature to create quality distance learning opportunities provided by all the independent and public institutions of Kentucky and some from outside the state.

Dr. Susman is a well-known national speaker on issues in distance education and the virtual university. In 2001, she was the keynote speaker for the Fifth Annual China-US Education Conference in Beijing, China. She is a Smithsonian Institution Laureate for her work with the Kentucky Virtual University whose archives were placed in the permanent Smithsonian American History collection. She also received a Bellwether Futures Award from the League for Innovation for her planning, finance and implementation of the Colorado Electronic Community College.

Mary Beth received her BA degree from Creighton University and her MA and Ph.D. from the University of Denver in Sociology.

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