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Martha C. Sammons
Professor, Department of English
Wright State University

Martha C. Sammons is professor of English at Wright State University.

Her publications include The Internet Writer's Handbook, published in January 1999 by Allyn and Bacon, which describes how to design and write effectively for the Web. Multimedia Presentations on the Go (Libraries Unlimited) describes over 45 presentation technologies. She has also published articles on teaching with technology, including one published on the Microsoft Higher Education Technology CD-ROM and one published in CD-ROM Professional.

Sammons has presented papers and workshops at all the major technology conferences, such as the Society for Technical Communication conference, Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication, AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology), NECC (National Educational Computing Conference), and ICTE (International Conference on Technology in Education).

Involved in several technology projects at Wright State, Sammons has received four Wright State Foundation and Research Council grants to conduct projects to computerize the technical writing courses, and to create CD-recordable discs, videodiscs, and Photo CDs for faculty to use for their teaching. The results of these projects were all published in both print and hypertext form.

She teaches courses in writing for the Web, online documentation, desktop publishing, and advanced technical writing in the technical writing certificate program. Having taught for the past 12 years solely in computer labs, Sammons has taught over 15 different software packages.

Sammons is currently working as a consultant for Litton-TASC developing the training plan and training materials for two projects: software used by the Ohio EPA Division of Hazardous Waste Management & data collection software used by the Air Force. She has also been a contract technical writer in several area industries.

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