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Maggie McVay Lynch
Instructional Specialist
Portland State University

Maggie McVay Lynch's eclectic background includes developing courses and teaching in both K-12 and higher education, serving as the clinical director of a counseling agency, and providing training management and development for two international software companies. Lynch is currently an instructional specialist at Portland State University, Oregon. She provides faculty development instruction in a variety of hands-on workshops involving the tools and pedagogy of developing Web-based curricula.

Previously, Lynch was with Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio where she developed Web-based courses in a variety of majors and taught business, MIS, and general education courses exclusively over the Internet. In addition to teaching, she also served as the faculty development director for training and mentoring adjunct faculty who taught online courses for the university.

Lynch's book, How to be a Successful Distance Student: Learning on the Internet, available from Pearson Education, is in its second edition and being used as a textbook in many student orientation courses around the U.S. She is now working on a new book for Routledge UK, The Online Educator: A Guide to Creating the Virtual Classroom. This book is targeted to assist faculty and administrators in developing not only virtual classes but entire educational delivery systems for the online environment. Worldwide release is scheduled for February 2002. action gamesadventure gamesmanagement gameshidden object gamesdownloadable pc gameskids gamespc games

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