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Joseph Moxley
Professor of English, Director, Digital Media Institute
University of South Florida

Moxley has published eleven books: one novel, four books on scholarly publishing and the academic reward system; one edited book on ethnography; one edited book on teaching creative writing; two books on legal writing; one college-level rhetoric; and one online book for graduate students interested in writing an electronic thesis or dissertation. He has published over 50 articles in numerous publications, including Change, Educause, Innovative Higher Education, and College Composition and Communication. Moxley has received funding from the Department of Education, Microsoft, Dell, and Time Warner to support learning communities and new media scholarship.

Moxley's current research involves examining ways information technologies influence academic research and scholarship, particularly electronic theses and dissertations. Moxley directs the Digital Media Institute, a project involving faculty and graduate students interested in new media scholarship. He manages The Guide to Electronic Theses and Dissertations (UNESCO), an international resource on ETDs available in English, Spanish, and French. He is currently working on CollegeWriting, an interactive writing environment designed to serve the needs of most college-level classes, particularly first-year composition courses.

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  • Academic Scholarship in the Digital Age
    // Commentary, March/April 2000
  • Using MOOs to Develop Online Learning Communities
    // Letters to the Editor, February 1999