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Jeremy Haefner
Professor of Mathematics
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Jeremy Haefner has been teaching mathematics for over fifteen years at the collegiate level. Since 1989 he has been a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, serving as chair of the department during 1998-2001. He earned his MS and PhD degrees in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

An algebraist by training, Haefner has published over 30 articles in a variety of refereed mathematical journals. His research has been supported by the National Security Agency and by the research wing of the national government of Spain. Haefner has teamed with his colleague and Mathonline co-developer Gene Abrams with workshops, presentations, and articles about the Mathonline program.

In 1998 Haefner was awarded the inaugural President's Faculty Excellence Award for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Technology by the University of Colorado system. In 2000 Haefner was appointed to the positions of senior faculty associate for information technology, senior faculty associate for teaching and learning, and director of the Teaching and Learning Center.

Outside of work, Haefner is an fervent age-group traiathlon competitor.

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