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Jerald Schutte
Professor of Sociology
California State University, Northridge

Jerald Schutte was born and raised in Eagle Rock, California, a Los Angeles surburb. He attended the University of California at Los Angeles, where he earned undergraduate degrees in both sociology and psychology.

During his graduate tenure in sociology at UCLA, Schutte also completed the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in the mathematics department, earned an MBA, and participated as a teaching assistant and part-time lecturer in statistics. Since receiving his PhD in social psychology from UCLA, Schutte has had appointments in the departments of sociology at UCLA, Stanford University, and Columbia University in New York City.

He is currently a full professor of sociology and director of the Center for Survey Research and Departmental Computing Laboratory at California State University, Northridge. In that capacity, Schutte has been active in CSU as a faculty fellow to the California State Senate, a principal investigator under the Academic Opportunity Fund program of the CSU's academic computing group, and an organizer of Syllabus '96 sessions. He is currently involved in coordinating virtual course offerings for the World Wide Web project on campus.

His teaching duties at CSUN include undergraduate statistics and methods courses, graduate methods and survey research courses, and introductory and social psychology courses. His research interests include the sociological relationship between technology and society and the use of technology in university teaching and research paradigms. He has been widely cited as an innovator in teaching and in testing the effectiveness of virtual technology in higher education.

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