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Jean Alvares
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Classics and General Humanities
Montclair State University

While the particular research interests of Jean Alvares center upon the ancient Greek and Roman novel and the literature and culture of the later Roman empire, his more general interests are eclectic. As an assistant professor in the Department of Classics and General Humanities, Alvares teaches ancient Greek; various courses in classical civilization, literature, and myth; and seminars in the honors program. In addition to his publications and presentations on topics in classics, Alvares has maintained a continuing interest in the use of computers and information techology in classics and classical archaeology for both research and education.

While at the University of Texas he helped create and maintain databases for archaeological projects in Metaponto and Crotone for the Institute for Classical Archaeology, assisted in the beginnings of the program in Aegean scripts, and helped manage a mainframe-based program for instruction in medical terminology. Since receiving his PhD, Alvares has become quite involved in using Internet-based technologies for classics. In addition to departmental Web pages, online syllabi, review pages, discussion groups, and other resources for his classes, plus the various Web pages dedicated to assisting teacher-created drills using Javascript and his own exercises, Alvares has created the Web resources for research in the ancient novel found on the Petronian Society Ancient Novel Page, including a large bibliographical database that can be searched and added to online. He also is the editior for the online version of the Petronian Society Newsletter.

Alvares created and maintains the New Jersey Classical Association Web page. He is also quite involved in various committees and programs within Montclair State University's College of Humanities and Social Science for advancing information technology and has helped conduct workshops for educators on using the internet and on Web page authoring.

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