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James Kilmurray
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James Kilmurray is a lifelong educator of adults. His professional focus has been education as a means to economic independence.

Kilmurray started his career as a Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador, Central America, where he taught campesino farmers how to use hybrid seed to increase corn production. He has more than 18 years of experience in corporate education, serving in capacities ranging from vice president to consultant and practitioner. He has concurrent experience in higher education as the chairman of a community college board of trustees, an adjunct faculty member, and a senior research associate.

Kilmurray currently is a faculty practitioner with the University of Phoenix Greater Boston campus and the University of Phoenix Online. He is the president and founder of Education On-line (Boston, MA) and a long-time analyst of the for-profit higher education industry. time management gamespc gamesmarble popper gamespuzzle gamessimulation gamesdownloadable pc gameshidden object gamesmatch 3 gamescard gamesbrain teaser games

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