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Henryk Marcinkiewicz
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Pennsylvania College of Technology

Henryk Marcinkiewicz is the founding director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Faculty Development at Ferris State University in Michigan. He has worked as an educator in many diverse areas, including Saudi Arabia, Japan, Poland, and South Dakota.

Marcinkiewicz's doctoral education at Penn State was in instructional systems, that is, the application of planning to learning. His research is concerned with identifying the conditions under which people adopt innovations, specifically, the use of technology in teaching. brain teaser gamesword gamesplatform gamesdownloadable pc gamesadventure gamesdownloadable gamespc gamespuzzle gamesmatch 3 games

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  • The Brain, Technology, and Education: An Interview with Robert Sylwester
    // Commentary, November/December 2003
  • The Role of Centers of Teaching and Learning in Integrating Technology in Instruction
    // Faculty and Staff Development, May/June 2001