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George Lorenzo
Editor and Publisher
"Educational Pathways"

George Lorenzo is editor and publisher of Educational Pathways (EP): Covering the Latest Developments in Higher Education Distance Learning and Teaching. EP is an 8-page, monthly, subscription-based newsletter available in print and via email attachment.

Lorenzo also provides technical and promotional writing services, with a specialization in online learning and its related support services, for corporations and higher education institutions. He is a highly published freelance education writer; an author of a book about college planning online; a Web content developer; and a public relations, advertising, and marketing professional.

Lorenzo has affiliations with the Rochester Institute of Technology,, and the newly formed Higher Education Knowledge and Technology Exchange (HEKATE). He is also an adjunct staff member of the National University Telecommunications Network (NUTN).

Lorenzo is currently chronicling the growth of distance learning and teaching on a global scale. He has written about online faculty support systems, online learning assessment and evaluation, Web accessibility issues, instructional design and implementation, course management systems, the growth of international online teaching and learning, marketing distance education, and much more.

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  • eArmyU and the Future of Distance Education
    // Corporate University, May/June 2002