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Geoff Cox
Cardean University President / UNext Vice President for Academic Affairs
Geoff Cox joined UNext in July 2000 as provost of Cardean University and UNext vice president of academic affairs and continuing education. He was named to his current position in March 2001. Mr. Cox served as vice-provost and dean for institutional planning at Stanford University from 1992 until joining UNext. Previously, he held various positions at the University of Chicago, including associate provost, university budget director, and head of the Center for Continuing Studies. He has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Chicago and has taught at Chicago and Stanford. He is a member of the accrediting commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and is on the board of the Cisco Learning Institute. platform gamesshooter gamesmatch 3 gamespc gamesmarble popper gamescard gamesbrain teaser games
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  • New Times, New Rules, New Playing Fields: An Interview with UNext's Geoff Cox
    // Virtual University, January/February 2002