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Gary Brown
Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Washington State University

As director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology at Washington State University (WSU), Gary Brown serves as a curriculum and assessment consultant across the WSU campus. He has extensive experience in technology development. He has created and helped implement technology projects across the curriculum. He has also been involved in the assessment of learning with technology, in the classroom and online, and has directed a cost-benefit analysis of multiple approaches to technology development and implementation using the Flashlight Economic Model.

He has presented and conducted workshops on assessment, technology, and online instruction to the Writing Program Administrators (WPA), the American Association of Higher Education, WICHE, Washington Online, TECHNE (in Brazil), the Washington Assessment Group, Flashlight, and for the Microsoft Empowerment Conference, among others. He also directs the CTLT Silhouette Project, which hosts Flashlight Online for the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Group. Brown is also a National Learning Communities Fellow.

He has taught English, composition, reader's theatre, program evaluation, and advanced program evaluation. His current research focuses on student learning through different media.

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