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Frederick Bennett

Frederick Bennett received a BBA degree from John Carroll University in Cleveland, an MA from The University of New Mexico, and his PhD in psychology from the University of Utah in 1971.

After receiving his doctoral degree, Bennett worked at the Malcolm Bliss Mental Health Center in St. Louis and taught part-time at the University of Missouri at St. Louis.

Bennett then went to Denver, Colorado, where he headed a community program at Denver General Hospital. He next accepted a position as director of the addiction program at Tri County Mental Health system in Winter Haven, Florida. In 1975 he opened his own company and began the first private hospital based addiction program in Florida in Lakeland, Florida. Over the next several years he opened private inpatient and outpatient addiction programs in several other cities in Florida. He also developed computer programs to aid the functions of his company.

In 1990, Bennett sold his business and moved to Sarasota, Florida, where he programmed computers professionally. In addition, he began thinking seriously about the problems in education. His knowledge of computers and his study of schooling resulted in the book, Computers as Tutors: Solving the Crisis in Education which was published on the Internet in 1996 and in print in 1999.

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