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Ed Fernandez
Coordinator, Tutorial Assistance Program
University of Texas Learning Center

Ed Fernandez is currently a learning specialist and a coordinator for the Tutorial Assistance Program at the University of Texas Learning Center (UTLC). He received his undergraduate degree in Humanities from UT and is now seeking a graduate degree. Following his graduation from UT, Fernandez was a tutor and later a teacher of developmental writing at Austin Community College. It was at that time that he came to work full-time for UT. Fernandez feels very fortunate with the course of his employment in higher education; he has been a tutor, a teacher, and now a coordinator/mentor for many tutors. The depth of his knowledge of—and passion for—learning assistance in all its forms has increased with each succeeding experience. The time he spends with the tutors and the students he teaches and advises is, by far, the most fulfilling and engaging part of Fernandez's job.

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