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Dennis Govoni
Chief Scientist, Strategic Sales Area Group
Sun Microsystems

Dennis Govoni has been working with computer technology since 1967. His early work involved analyzing plant populations through numerical analysis, for which a number of papers on the techniques used were published. He became associate professor of biology at Virginia Wesleyan College in 1973, and introduced timesharing computing into both the business and academic areas of the college. He also received a National Science Foundation grant to develop a generative CAI program to help students understand Mendelian genetics.

After leaving VWC in 1983 to work full-time in the computer industry, he joined Prime Computer, Inc. as a Networking and OS specialist. Responsibilities were in both the government and commercial worlds. Upon leaving Prime, he joined Tandem Computers, Inc. in the Telco District as a senior analyst supporting the new fault-tolerant Integrity UNIX line.

In 1992, he joined the Sun Microsystem Computer Company as a network architect and specialist. While serving in this capacity, he developed the Networking Survival Kit, a Web site devoted to providing information and teaching materials for system engineers around the world as related to networking and Java technologies. This effort resulted in his being named network ambassador of the year for 1995. Govoni has given a number of presentations on Java and networking to various conferences around the world, notably the AFCEA conference in Hawaii, NOAA, Desktop Collaboration Conference, and others.

Govoni moved to Sun Federal in March, 1995 where responsibilities included, but were not limited to, providing solutions to RFPs, doing strategic pre-RFP work, and giving presentations at important government conferences on a wide range of topics, including Java technology.

Govoni is currently chief scientist at Sun in the Strategic Sales Area Group with responsibilities as a Java and Networking Specialist. In this capacity, he works with Fortune 500 organizations on architecting and implementing Java solutions, helping in network architecture issues, and helping customers understand Sun's technology directions.

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