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Dees Stallings
Director of the Academic Division
UOL Publishing

Most of Dees Stallings' professional life has involved interdisciplinary work, especially in combining technical and human communications capabilities. He has been a professor or lecturer in language, literature, or philosophy at nine different institutions, including the University of Maryland and the U. S. Military Academy. He has also directed two of the largest writing programs in the world, the U. S. Army's and University of Maryland University College's, the latter with nearly 80,000 students on all continents. He has won regional and state awards for WRITE, a worldwide electronic forum for faculty development, and was perhaps the first person to run an Internet-based course from Siberia.

Dees is presently director of the Academic Division at UOL Publishing (NASDAQ: UOLP;, a world leader in providing online courseware and services, but he continues to teach, write, and conduct professional development workshops (including an online course for college/university instructors and corporate trainers entitled "An Introduction to Online Instruction"), and is on the board of directors of The Center for Internet Instruction.

Stallings has recently published a small book through Simon & Schuster focusing on writing skills improvement in distance education environments. His MA and PhD are in English and linguistics.

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