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Charles Ansorge
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Charles Ansorge is a professor in Teachers College at the University of Nebraska where he teaches introductory and advanced statistics in the Department of Educational Psychology. For the past decade he has made efforts to integrate technology into his teaching. He was among the first faculty at the University to explore the use of e-mail, listservs, gophers, Web sites, presentation software, and streaming video.

Five years ago Charles was asked to complete a special assignment on the University of Nebraska campus that involved assisting faculty members learn to effectively integrate technology into their teaching. He supervised and taught numerous workshops and met one-on-one with faculty members to help them understand how it is possible to effectively use technology to promote student learning and teaching. He has also helped design multimedia classrooms on his campus where faculty are able to use the latest technology to teach their students. Recently he helped introduce Blackboard on the University of Nebraska campus. Next summer he will help teach workshops for faculty who are interested in using Web-based tools to improve student learning.

Charles was the first chair of the local Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable on his campus. He remains an active member of the Roundtable and is a member of the Advisory Committee to the current chair. He attends numerous events sponsored by the Teaching, Learning and Technology Group and has served as a facilitator for the TLT Group. He makes frequent presentations involving technology and teaching.

Charles received his BS degree from Valparaiso University and completed a doctorate at the University of Iowa. word gamesmahjongbest pc gamesmarble popper gamespc gamesbrain teaser gamessimulation gameshidden objects gamesplatform gamesmanagement games

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