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Cathrine Wambach
Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of Psychology and Social Sciences
General College, University of Minnesota

Cathrine Wambach received her PhD in psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1981. Her graduate work focused on counseling and educational psychology. During graduate school, Wambach began teaching courses for the University of Minnesota General College. She became interested in the mission of the college, which at that time offered 2-year degrees, occupational certificates, and alternative baccalaureate degrees, and became involved in the college's human services certificate program.

In 1984 she joined the faculty as the mission of General College changed to emphasize student preparation for traditional degree programs. Wambach became actively involved in the evolution of the mission and began publishing in the field of developmental education. Her work includes 25 articles and numerous presentations on topics ranging from institutional research to studies of student behavior in the classroom. Much of her research focuses on the application of instructional technology to the teaching of general psychology and issues related to the use of technology in courses designed for underprepared students.

Wambach, a lifelong Minnesotan, currently lives in Brooklyn Park, a suburb north of Minneapolis. Outside of work, she spends her time parenting two teenagers, gardening, reading science fiction and mysteries, and fishing at her cabin in northern Minnesota.

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