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Carl Berger
Director of Advanced Academic Technologies and Professor of Science and Technology Education,
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Carl Berger is director of advanced academic technologies in the Collaboratory for Advanced Research and Academic Technology and professor of technology and science education at the University of Michigan. He is board chair of IMS Global Learning Consortium Inc., an advisory board member of MERLOT, and is a member of the Apple University Executive Forum.

In the 80's Berger served as associate dean and dean of the School of Education at Michigan. His research indicates that design and technology can make a difference in how and when students learn, and he has won awards for his work—including the Distinguished Research Award by the National Association for Research in Science Teaching.

Currently he is working on the Next Generation Internet Visible Human Project and continues his evaluation work on student learning in beginning chemistry, where technology is used as a laboratory collaboration tool. He is the author of over 30 books on elementary science teaching and using computers in educational research. He holds two patents for technological tools.

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  • The Next Killer App in Education: An Interview with Michigan's Carl Berger
    // Vision, September/October 2002