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Bonnie B. Mullinix
Instructional Design Specialist
Instructional Technology Services, Monmouth University

Bonnie B. Mullinix is an instructional design specialist for Monmouth University (MU) in West Long Branch, New Jersey. For several years, she has worked with the Office of Academic Program Initiatives on the design of a Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. Prior to her current position, Mullinix was a visiting assistant professor in the MU School of Social Work (2001-2002) and the Millicent Fenwick Research Professor in Education and Public Issues in the School of Education (1999-2001). Her work in higher education and elsewhere has involved active exploration of educational technologies.

Mullinix's professional and academic interests have long been focused on adult learning, as well as faculty and organizational development, in both formal and nonformal educational settings domestically and internationally. She has written and received grants or worked on research and development projects funded by a wide range of international agencies in approximately 10 countries throughout the world. She has spent 9 of the last 22 years resident in various parts of Africa.

Mullinix received a master's degree and doctorate in international education from the Center for International Education at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She has presented professional papers at numerous national and international conferences and has had more than 35 articles, books, monographs, manuals, and training guides published since 1981. Mullinix's recent publications and research center around nurturing participation in adult learning, models of mentoring, the qualitative exploration of student insights into effective instruction, organizational partnership models, and models of development emerging from the developing world.

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  • Balancing the Learning Equation: Exploring Effective Mixtures of Technology, Teaching, and Learning
    // Faculty and Staff Development, September/October 2003