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Anne Scrivener Agee
Executive Director of the Division of Instructional and Technology Support Services
Deputy Chief Information Officer at George Mason University

Anne Scrivener Agee is the executive director of the Division of Instructional and Technology Support Services (DoIT) and the deputy chief information officer at George Mason University. DoIT encompasses the Instructional Resource Center, the Student Technology Assistance and Resources Center, Classroom Technologies, LAN/Desktop Support Services, Client Services, the Mason Media Lab, and GMU-TV. She is responsible for coordinating the University 's technology integration initiatives, including program planning, faculty support and training, student support and training, and the development of assessment tools for information technology skills. In particular, she has worked with the College of Arts and Sciences at George Mason University to develop the Technology Across the Curriculum program which won the 2001 EDUCAUSE award for Systemic Progress in Teaching and Learning. She is the founding editor of inventio—an online journal of creative thinking about learning and teaching.

Before coming to George Mason, Agee was head of client services at Saint Mary 's College of Maryland and coordinator of instructional technology at Anne Arundel Community College. She earned her doctorate in rhetoric from the Catholic University of America, an MA in English from Ohio University, and a BA in English from Duquesne University. Her teaching experience includes literature and composition classes as well as graduate classes in instructional technology, educational research, and pedagogy. Agee is a fellow of the Frye Institute for Leadership in Information Technology, inaugural class of 2000.

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