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Ann Luck
Senior Instructional Designer, e-Education Institute
College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Penn State University

Ann Luck is currently the senior instructional designer for the e-Education Institute, part of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at Penn State University. She has been an instructional designer in the field of distance education since 1991. Luck works with faculty members associated with the college's academic departments and with Institute staff to design, create, maintain, and evaluate certificate and degree programs to be offered to adult professionals worldwide via the World Wide Web and other distance learning modalities.

In her role, Luck helps administrators and faculty members to articulate measurable program and course objectives, and guides the design of activities that prepare both students and departments to achieve their goals. She coordinates production of course content by faculty members and Institute colleagues, and develops content as required using appropriate graphics, animation, video, and simulation tools. She deploys course content, along with communications and evaluation strategies, within the University's course management system and in ancillary media including CD-ROM and print. Luck also serves as a liaison between academic departments and delivery units, including the University's World Campus, the Penn State Bookstore, and other partners, assuring satisfactory course delivery to students worldwide. She designs and implements formal course and program assessment mechanisms, and prepares annual reports on course and program effectiveness.

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  • Developing Courses for Online Delivery: One Strategy
    // Faculty and Staff Development, January/February 2001
  • World Campus 101: Orienting Students to Penn State's New "Campus"
    // Case Studies, March/April 2000