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Albert Ip
Digital Learning Systems

Albert Ip has a long history of working in learning technology. In 1986, he designed MonNet, which broadcasts teachers' monitor images to student workstations using a low-cost overriding mechanism. That same year, he and his students designed and built a local area network for Apple II computers. He later shifted his focus toward software implementations.

In 1994, he designed TeleNex, an English language teacher support system for the University of Hong Kong. This system incorporates a hypertext database, automatically generated test items, online asynchronous conferencing, and an English corpus database. His latest work involves a role-play simulation generator based on his research on scalable learning architecture for the Internet. Currently, Ip is the CEO of Digital Learning Systems P/L in Australia.

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  • Evaluation of a Role-Play Simulation in Political Science
    // Assessment, January/February 2001