November 1998 // Letters to the Editor
Welcome to the 1998-99 Editorial Board!
by James L. Morrison
Note: This article was originally published in The Technology Source ( as: James L. Morrison "Welcome to the 1998-99 Editorial Board!" The Technology Source, November 1998. Available online at The article is reprinted here with permission of the publisher.

I would like to take a moment for a letter from the editor, to announce the appointment of an editorial board and the establishment of The Technology Source as a refereed electronic journal, beginning with the December 1998 issue.

We are fortunate in having a number of talented colleagues who have agreed to serve on the board, some of whom are household names in the technology field, others of whom may accomplish this status in the future, but who have already contributed at least one article to TS. Their biographical sketches are now available in the "Editorial Board" section of our masthead.

We hope that establishing a double-blind review process for The Technology Source will strengthen the value and utility of our articles for the educational community. In addition, this process will also help our authors when they write their annual reports or when they go up for tenure and promotion.

Your comments on our articles, and on the issues challenging education as we integrate information technology, can also help us improve the quality of our service. We encourage you to send your comments and suggestions to us.

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