January/February 2000 // Spotlight Site
The Masie Center
by Stephen Downes
Note: This article was originally published in The Technology Source (http://ts.mivu.org/) as: Stephen Downes "The Masie Center" The Technology Source, January/February 2000. Available online at http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=article&id=1034. The article is reprinted here with permission of the publisher.

The Masie Center Web page offers a wealth of resources and information on technology and learning. Though the site can be difficult to navigate, it is distinguished by the extensive and knowledgeable content contributed not only by proprietor Elliott Masie but also by other authors across the field.

Masie is the author of the TechLearn Trends e-mail newsletter delivered more or less weekly by e-mail since November of 1997 to more than 32,000 readers world wide. The 152 issues published to date evidence Masie's deep understanding of learning and technology trends in both the world of corporate training and the world of academe. His annual predictions in December of each year are a must-read for the learning technology enthusiast. Complete newsletter articles are available on the site at http://www.techlearn.com/trends/.

The site is rounded out with materials on technology, digital collaboration, learning management, assessment, virtual learning communities, and other subjects. Presentations from Masie's annual learning and technology conference are archived and available on the site; the 1999 conference, held in Orlando, attracted over 2,000 participants. The site also features a description of Masie's new interactive publication called Learning Decisions. Each monthly issue of Learning Decisions will include a survey, analysis of the previous month's survey data, support materials such as audio and streamed media, and other information for those interested in the social and economic influence of the most current technologies. The Masie Center Web site offers a wealth of resources for a broad audience, from education and business leaders to content developers and authors.

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