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The Chronicle of Higher Education: Academe This Week
Note: This article was originally published in The Technology Source (http://ts.mivu.org/) as: "The Chronicle of Higher Education: Academe This Week" The Technology Source, January 1998. Available online at http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=article&id=1034. The article is reprinted here with permission of the publisher.

Editor's Note: Please note that access to some of the features of this page require a subscription to The Chronicle of Higher Education. However, there are also a number of areas open to non-subscribers that provide information unique to this site. In either case, it provides a valuable service to its users.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has been an invaluable resource for the higher education community since its inception in 1966. The print version of the Chronicle, with a subscription base of over 400,000 readers, has provided insightful articles that cover the noteworthy issues of philosophical and professional interest to the academy, as well as job listings, award deadlines, publication reviews, and more.

With the addition of its free online site Academe This Week, the Chronicle has expanded the range and type of services that it provides to higher education. This site includes the full text of the weekly print version as well as a new daily publication, Academe Today, which covers breaking stories. Both of these services are currently available only to regular subscribers (and a subscription form is available online for those who do not already receive the Chronicle), but the site offers a number of other features that don't require a subscription, such as the "Colloquy" section, which consists of a series of forums on current issues in academia in which the reader is able (and encouraged) to participate.

Also, this site features the Chronicle's extensive list of job openings, both within and outside the academy. In its online form, this list is searchable by category or by keyword, greatly facilitating its use. Furthermore, the site houses a listing of pertinent facts and figures from the special Almanac issue of the Chronicle. This section "offers tables and charts providing a broad view of higher education in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, along with narrative summaries for each state." The full text of the Almanac is available in the subscriber's section, but a significant summary is available in the free section. Additionally, a series of articles on technology use in higher education are included in the "Information Technology" section of the page, portions of which are open to both subscribers and non-subscribers.

For those who have already subscribed to the Chronicle, this site is a convenient archive of past and current issues, as well as a number of additional features that enhance the value of an already indispensable resource. For the non-subscriber, there is a modicum of reliable information in specific areas of academia...and a tempting array of other options that will further justify the investment in a subscription!

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