July 1997 // Spotlight Site
Note: This article was originally published in The Technology Source (http://ts.mivu.org/) as: "CAUSE" The Technology Source, July 1997. Available online at http://ts.mivu.org/default.asp?show=article&id=1034. The article is reprinted here with permission of the publisher.

CAUSE (The Association for Managing and Using Information Resources in Higher Education) has produced a useful web site, including an on-line version of CAUSE/EFFECT, a refereed journal containing articles focusing on planning for, developing, managing, evaluating, and using information resources on college and university campuses. In addition, the site contains special-issue publications, such as Best Practices in Campus Networking, 1996, Organizational and Technological Strategies for Higher Education in the Information Age, and the proceedings of their last conference. Here you can spend several productive days browsing informative and stimulating material.

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